Hormones balanced by healthy food!

Most of your body processes are regulated by hormones. It’s those fabrics that make you tired, cheerful, hungry, and so on! Your hormone system is an incredibly complex mechanism that not only exerts a lot of influence but is also influenced by countless different factors.

From food to physical exercise, and from intestinal flora to birth control pills – everything can bring the precarious hormone balance out of balance. And then see everything in order again! Today we look at what exactly an imbalance does to you, and how you balance your hormones by living healthy.

Symptoms hormones out of balance

When your hormones are in balance, they regulate your mood and your hunger. A disturbance in balance is therefore often strongly marked in those areas. Do you suffer from mood swings, where you are very happy one moment and the next moment you go through the house?

Do you regularly get cravings in sweets? Is it difficult for you to lose weight, even if you are fine? This can all indicate that your hormones are out of balance. A constant sense of stress can also be both a cause and a symptom of such a disturbance.

Hormones in balance through nutrition

There are many factors that are important if you want to balance your hormones, but nutrition is essential. After all, your body can not repair anything if it does not get the right building materials for it! And vice versa: if you continue to stuff harmful clutter into yourself, your body will not be grateful for it and your hormones will not work optimally.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that you get your diet in order. Eat only natural products as much as possible: nothing with additives, nothing with refined sugar. You can also add Tim Ferriss recommended supplements drink in your diet. Also, let the alcohol as much as possible, and also avoid an excess of caffeine. It is no problem to occasionally sin, provided the basis is good in the long run. Your body and your hormone system will thank you for it.

Rest, relaxation and sport

In addition to your menu, your sleep rhythm is also an important factor when it comes to your hormones. Stress is, as mentioned, a major cause of an imbalance in your hormones. Here you are going to make cortisol, which in the long term is highly disruptive. High time, so to force yourself to take a rest! First of all, make sure that you get your sleep patterns in order.

Eight hours of qualitative sleep per night is the minimum for most people. In addition, find a form of relaxation that works for you – whether it’s walking, reading or painting – and spending time on it regularly. This way your body will gradually lose that constant stress.

Sport is a great way to get stress out of your body and put the right hormones back to work. It does not matter which sport you choose. Running and cycling are many options chosen, but jumping rope can work just as well! In this way, not only will your hormone balance improve, but your condition will also improve by leaps and bounds.

Eliminate the causes

Do you want your hormones to function optimally? Then take a critical look at the possible causes. Do you eat enough? you get enough protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats? Do you regularly eat unhealthily, or do you often drink alcohol? Take your time to relax and exercise regularly? All these issues play a role in optimizing the hormone balance.

By step-by-step adjusting your lifestyle and providing your body with the right and sufficient nutrients, the complex physical processes in your body will function better and better.

Rapid Belly Fat Burning, How Do You Do That?

For many people it is even the reason to lose weight: finally a flat stomach again ! But often after a while the belly appears to be the most difficult part of the body. Even if that fat has disappeared everywhere, a lobe will still appear above your waistline. How do you do that, burn belly fat ?

There are the most insane methods and advice for this. Unfortunately, it is usually more sensible to ignore them. You can not quickly burn belly fat with thousands of sit-ups or with mysterious supplements . Instead, we explain below what you need for it!

Why do not you See a Six-Pack?

Do you fanatize your sit-ups and crunches for ages ? Are you starting to develop big muscles on the rest of your body ? Then it can be frustrating if you still can not see a result on your stomach. The reason here is very simple: the muscles are there, but they are still hidden under a layer of fat. On your stomach that is a problem rather than in the rest of your body.

Your belly fat only disappears when your total fat percentage really starts to get really low. And that means for most people that they have to be well trained to see that the hard work is actually starting to bear fruit!

Burning belly fat is burning fat everywhere

Many people like to burn belly fat quickly. And by that they mean mainly: burning belly fat without having to concern themselves with the rest of their body. Unfortunately, that is simply impossible. Burning fat locally is not possible, as we have explained before on this blog.

In short: the fat system takes place all over the body. With a surplus, the new fat is distributed as balanced as possible. And if you create a caloric deficit, fat is also taken from all over your body to burn it. Do you want to lose that belly?

Burn belly fat with strength training

What is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of fat? Many people think that you always need hours of cardio for that. However, some essential matters are overlooked. One is that muscle mass consumes more calories throughout the day than fat mass. In other words: the more muscular you are, the more energy you need all day.

Even if you are at rest, you will burn fat more and faster! For that reason, it is advisable to do strength training if you want to lose weight. In the long run you achieve better results, while you spend less time on it. And you’re really tight in your skin when you’re on target weight.

Abdominal exercises?

Now many people even automatically take part in abdominal exercises within that strength training . The idea of ​​burning local fat is stubborn! And in theory, of course, those crunches can also make sense, because they also create muscle tissue that uses energy. The problem is that your stomach is not such a big muscle group.

The amount of new muscle tissue that you grow with it is therefore limited. Instead, you can do better for the really large clusters of muscles. Consider, for example, your upper legs, chest, back and shoulders: this means you can see visible results more quickly. That way you can be sure that you do not grow a six pack that stays hidden for all eternity.

Burn belly fat with cardio

Cardio has disadvantages, especially if you do a lot. This way it can also ensure that you start breaking muscle tissue again – and that is of course not the intention. However, shorter cardio training sessions can contribute to your work to burn fat . Please note that you mainly use it as a supplement, and not as the main part of your training.

Keep every cardio workout short enough – up to an hour is an excellent one – and do not do more than two a week. That way you do not have to be afraid that you will destroy your hard work with the weights again! If you really want to get the most out of your cardio work-out, you can also consider HIIT. These are short and intensive cardio sessions. This way you have enough time to train with weights!

Watch your diet

To burn belly fat, you need a calorie deficit. Above we have described ways to consume more calories: strength training and cardio. But no matter how much you exercise, it is very important that you also pay attention to your diet. Because if you end up eating more than you consume, that belly fat will certainly not disappear.

Make sure you make a good estimate of your daily calorie consumption – and eat just a little less than that. Do not make it too crazy with that shortage, because with a crash diet you eventually lose muscle mass. 10 to 20% less than you burn is a suitable rule of thumb. Fill the calories you can eat daily with vegetables , fruits , slim proteins , slow carbohydrates and healthy fats .

Remember Knowledge

How does a student remember his studied material better? After research, people turn out to store knowledge hierarchically, preferably in a hierarchical network. To store the learned knowledge in a network is unconscious, automatically.

What is a hierarchical network compared to the stored knowledge?

In order to properly store the studied material and the acquired knowledge during an evening study, each person automatically uses a clear tree structure in his memory. This tree structure develops through the addition of overarching and comprehensive concepts (knowledge).

Tree structure: knowledge networks

By becoming aware that the studied material and the acquired knowledge are in our permanent memory as a hierarchical tree structure as a knowledge network, the student has to know how to use this knowledge network optimally, so that the student can benefit do: at all times have the stored knowledge of the studied substance.

Use of the knowledge network in our memory
While studying the curriculum, the student selects certain terms that seem important.

1st tip to remember knowledge and the subject matter:
Select words, cries or terms that seem important to the student from a piece of learning material.


Provide terms and concepts within the subject matter of comment or of accompanying comments. By giving extra attention to certain concepts, terms or data within a piece of the subject matter, the student automatically adds these definitions to his (her) knowledge network in permanent memory.

Remember the second tip of knowledge and the subject matter:
Give extra attention to certain concepts within the subject matter by encoding them with (personal) comments or comments. By coding curriculum you remember the studied material faster and easier.


Next, arrange the selected words, phrases or terms by placing them side by side or, alternatively, opposite each other. Then ask your student what connections exist between these terms and concepts. Are there any similarities? Are there any relationships to discover? By studying the subject matter and the selected concepts in this way, the student “knots” his or her knowledge of the subject matter to the knowledge network in his or her permanent memory.

3th tip to remember knowledge and the subject matter:

Pay extra attention to the selected terms of the studied material. Organize these terms and look for connections and similarities. By organizing the material you remember the studied material faster and easier!

Orthorexia, an eating disorder; ill by eating healthy

Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are known eating disorders. These eating disorders are recognized in the medical world. A lesser known eating disorder is orthorexia nervosa. Orthorexia is not about weight loss and not about binge eating, it’s about healthy and pure food. It starts with a diet, from which certain unhealthy nutrients are deleted. However, more and more unhealthy nutrients are being scrapped, resulting in a very limited number of foods that ultimately meet the purity of food sought by orthorexia patients. Although it is proud to experience the strict healthy diet, the body is damaged by malnutrition. lose weight with foods The ‘healthy’ diet can become life-threatening.


An eating disorder

At this time, in which almost half of the Dutch population is overweight, the emphasis is on healthy food. We receive unsolicited advice from celebrities, teachers, doctors and even the government via social media, at school and at work. Despite the sometimes dangerously bad eating habits, we all know the importance of healthy eating. But also in consuming healthy food there is danger, because even in the desire (or urge) to eat healthy, one can talk. An unhealthy relationship can arise with healthy food. Extremely healthy eating can become unhealthy and even lead to death. The name for this unhealthy extreme urge to eat healthy is orthorexia nervosa.

What is healthy?

Healthy eating is recommended, but what is healthy? Opinions about this seem to change every year. Every health guru has a different opinion about it. Some people adhere more strictly to healthy eating rules than others. For a larger growing group, it becomes an obsession to eat as healthy and as pure as possible. Purely for them means that the food is completely unprocessed. Nothing can be added to it. The pursuit of healthy and pure food becomes an almost impossible goal. The obsession for pure eating develops into the eating disorder orthorexia nervosa.

What is orthorexia nervosa

The predominant desire to eat extremely healthy and pure, develops in the eating disorder orthorexia. The name orthorexia was given by the doctor Steven Bratman to the eating disorder when he was confronted with it in his practice. The word orthorexia comes from the Greek ‘orthos’, which means correct and ‘orexis’, which means appetite. The addition of nervosa means that it is a disease of a psychological nature. Orthorexia is not yet recognized as a recognized eating disorder in the DSM-V (Diagnostic Statistical Manual) in 2017, in which psychological disorders are categorized. It is a condition that is still being researched and for which research methods must be developed. According to the minimal studies that have been done, it appears to occur more often in women than in men.

The desire to eat healthy Becomes Extreme

Orthorexia usually occurs in two stages. In the beginning, more and more unhealthy food is being scrapped. For example, no sugars are eaten, no dairy products, and after that coffee and fruit are also removed. In the long run, there is hardly anything left over that has the desired purity, as orthorexia patients strive for. They are not about the quantity of food, but about quality.

Over time, the self-invented eating rules to eat pure become increasingly strict. If such a self-invented rule is exceeded, there is a consequence, such as extreme detox. The fixation on healthy and pure eating and planning and conceiving of it becomes such an obsession that it stands in the way of a normal social life. Because of the fixation on healthy eating there is no room for social interaction, the result is isolation.


The food is divided into good and bad nutrients for reasons of purity, by orthorexia patients. Eating pure and healthy food creates a sense of self-esteem in orthorexia patients. They are almost proud of themselves. People are being looked after on people who do not want to eat unhealthy food. It is considered incorrect.

The difference between orthorexia and anorexia

With orthorexia, there is no desire to lose weight, as with anorexia. Orthorexia also has nothing to do with binge eating and losing weight, such as with bulimia. Due to the urge to eat extremely healthy, there is a noticeable weight loss, except for vitamin deficiency, without that being the intention. That is the difference with anorexia, where the focus is on weight loss. So although orthorexia and anorexia are different eating disorders, they can overlap or follow each other. The desire to consume only healthy food can be used as an excuse by anorexia patients to get as few calories as possible in a socially accepted manner and stay thin. People with anorexia and bulimia are usually ashamed of their unhealthy eating habits.

Baking Soda to fight Nail Fungus

Nail fungus , also known under the medical term as onychomycosis, is an infection caused by dermatophytes and often occurs on the hands and feet. Because your limbs often come into contact with hot and humid conditions, these microorganisms can very well precede and spread quickly. As a result, your nails will quickly look unkempt and bad.

Common symptoms are redness, itching and peeling skin.

Fortunately there are agents that fight fungi and that you can use to control infections , without having to resort to aggressive chemical products.

nail fungus

One of these products is baking soda , a natural product that is widely known in both households and medicine because of its many applications. We explain today why this product works so effectively to treat nail fungus and how to use it to see results as quickly as possible.

Baking soda to treat fungal nails

Before we elaborate on how to use baking soda to treat nail fungus, we want to point out that the results will not immediately be visible. The product does fight the nail fungus from the first treatment, but it takes a while before the fungus is completely removed. That is why it is important that you maintain the treatment and that you carefully follow the recommendations to get rid of the problem completely.

In addition, you can strengthen the ingredients by adding for example apple cider vinegar. This is also a fungicidal product and very healthy. Both products are likely to be found in your kitchen and are very cheap.
6 cups of water (1.5 liters)
1/2 cup apple vinegar (125 ml)
3 tablespoons baking soda (30 g)
Heat the water to a temperature that your feet can just endure.
Add the apple vinegar and pour this mixture into a large bowl.
Immerse your feet in the liquid and let it work for 15 to 20 minutes.
After this time dry your feet and nails carefully and coat them with a paste made of baking soda and some water.
Allow the paste to work for about 10 minutes and then rinse.
Use circular movements when greasing to exfoliate the upper part of the nail and the surrounding skin .
Repeat this process every evening until the nail starts to look better.
If desired, you can add a little lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide to strengthen the antifungal effects.

Why use baking soda to fight nail fungus?

Baking soda is a white powder that has been used for centuries in both preparations and cleaning in and around the house. The antiseptic, antifungal and basic properties are well known and may be useful in combating various infections. There are also many topical applications known from baking soda, which works as a natural exfoliant and is suitable for the treatment of allergies.

It also fights skin infections and contains active ingredients that reduce the presence of mold on and under the nail. It is also useful to know that baking soda can also be used as a natural deodorant. It neutralizes the body odor and helps against excessively sweaty feet.

What do I have to think about when fighting nail fungus?

Although this treatment is already working very well to treat this type of infection, there are still a number of recommendations to take into account in order to achieve the best possible result.

First: try to avoid damp and hot places during treatment. These will stimulate the pre-planting of the fungus. Wear open and breathable shoes so that your feet remain free from sweat and bacteria. It is also very important to always dry your hands and feet thoroughly after they come into contact with moisture , as moisture gives the fungus a chance to reproduce.

Wash and disinfect all materials that you use for nail care. Otherwise you run the risk of infecting other, non-infected nails. Will the problem continue? If you have followed the treatment and tips closely and the fungus continues to grow, you should consult a doctor to try out further treatments. The most important thing is to be patient and to deal with the problem in time so that the fungus can not spread too far.

What is the best food for losing weight?

Do you want to lose weight? Then nutrition is the important factor to take into account! All sports and psychological pep talks are fun and nice, but certainly not the main issue. Eventually you will simply have to make sure that you do not eat more than you need.

However, many people find it difficult to determine what they should and should not eat. How do you make it easier for yourself? How do you stay healthy? In short, what is the best food to lose weight? Because we see this question so often, we devote an entire blog today.

No magic products

First of all, let’s take some unrealistic dreams into the ground – then we’ve only had that. We are not going to give you products in this article that you are guaranteed to waste. That is not because we would not want to, but because they simply do not exist. There is no food that automatically burns fat.

There is no food that automatically compensates for a healthy diet . The only thing that causes healthy and sustainable weight loss is a calorie deficit . Every product that promises to ‘automatically’ remove fat is a scam. Do not spend your money on it – because it is guaranteed to have a capital – and instead opt for something that works.

‘Nutrition to lose weight’ does not exist

A calorie deficit, so: eat fewer calories than you consume. So far, it is still clear to most people. But what do you then have to eat to achieve that caloric deficit in a healthy way? And how do you ensure that you still get all the nutrients that your body needs? Online you will find the most comprehensive lists of products that are ‘necessary’ to lose weight. However, that too is often a big nonsense.

It is not about ‘nutrition to lose weight’. What you need are certain nutrients. All products containing these substances are then excellent choices. Instead of diet to lose weight, we give you here nutrients to lose weight!

1. Proteins

The first on the list is immediately one of the most important nutrients to lose weight with. Proteins have several advantages, and they all help with fat loss . This way they activate enzymes that give you the feeling that you are full. That way you eat less quickly and it becomes easier to keep that caloric deficit.

In addition, you burn more calories when digesting proteins than for example when digesting carbohydrates . A final advantage is that proteins help you build muscle tissue. Because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, it speeds up your metabolism . In other words, you burn more calories throughout the day, even at rest. That is a huge incentive for weight loss!

2. Fibers

In addition to proteins, fibers are of great importance. One of their functions is again to give you a full feeling . In addition, they ensure that you feel more satisfied after a meal. That helps you to reduce the number of calories. In addition, fibers are essential for the health of your intestines and intestinal flora .

When you eat enough fiber, your intestines are well able to absorb all nutrients from your diet. It is recommended to eat about 30-40 grams of fiber per person per day . But few Dutch people are coming, so try to choose more wholegrain products, fruit and vegetables !

3. Water

Water is technically not a food, but it is very important to lose weight. First of all, that is natural because you simply can not stay healthy if you drink too little. Water is essential for properly functioning organs. In addition, a dehydrated body can also make you eat more.

So you are often inclined to misinterpret thirst as pull. And that means that the danger of snacking is greater. In addition, you often feel more tired and moody when you have drunk too little. For people who eat out of emotion , or who start eating at an energy dip, that is obviously disastrous. So stay hydrated!

4. What you like!

This may seem a bit unnatural – eating what you like? Most lists of food to lose weight give products that are largely not so good at all? Indeed – and that’s the problem. If you have to force yourself every day to work that little handful of walnuts in, the chances are small that you will keep up. And that is a shame, because you really do not need those walnuts!

The point is that you get the right nutrients, as mentioned. But where you get it, that does not really matter to your body. So make sure you eat healthy, but only do so with the products you want to eat. That makes diets a lot more fun.

Eat a varied diet

Another danger of lists with food to lose weight is that you eat very unilaterally. And no matter how healthy spinach is: every day is simply too much of a good thing. Every product – including every healthy product – has advantages and disadvantages. The best way to take advantage of all the advantages and avoid all the drawbacks is by varying. Do not eat too much and nothing too little.

Make sure you alternate with vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and fats . That is not only healthier than finishing a daily list, it is also much more fun! After a while, rice with chicken and broccoli will also be the nose …

What is the best food for losing weight?

What is, in all, the best food to lose weight? The most important thing is that you eat varied, with lots of protein and fiber. Does not attach too much value to strict prescriptions and lists with ‘really essential products’. Use your common sense and see what you feel like.

Do you hate oatmeal ? Then you get those carbohydrates just as well from quinoa or (sweet) potatoes. Do you prefer not to eat meat? Do not go to the chicken ‘because you have to,’ but get the proteins from eggs , dairy and legumes . The best diet to lose weight is food that makes you feel good.

Pain killers for nerve pain?

Neuropathic pain (nerve pain) is caused by a damaged or reduced effect of a nerve. Changes occur in the nerve. Nerve cells try to repair the damage. Small nerve shoots emerge that try to find a connection at the spot where the nerve is damaged. Sometimes these nerve breakers join and a nerve node (neuroma) develops. The nerve can become hypersensitive and can cause pain in small contact. You can recognize this as electric impulses, a sharp and burning pain.

Nerve damage virtually never heals automatically. It is important that you treat neuropathic pain on time, this increases the chance of good results. You can treat neuropathic pain in different ways, for example with medication and neuromodulation.

Painkillers in case of nerve pain are not effective

In the treatment of pain is often thought to painkillers, such as paracetamol and NSAIDs. Yet painkillers are not effective in nerve pain. That is why doctors often prescribe medication with an inhibitory effect on the nervous system. Medications for epilepsy or depression are often used in the treatment of nerve pain. These drugs inhibit the signal transfer of painful stimuli in the nerves, reducing the pain signal. Anti-epileptics and antidepressants should usually be used for a long time. Sometimes the doctor prescribes a combination.

Antidepressants in neuropathic pain

Antidepressants are normally used in depression and anxiety. Antidepressants are also effective in neuropathic pain. How antidepressants work exactly for nerve pain is unknown. The most commonly used medications are:

Amitriptyline (Sarotex)

Anti-epileptics in neuropathic pain

Anti-epileptics increase the stimulus threshold of neurons in the nervous system. As a result, the damaged nerves send fewer stimuli to the brain. Reduce the pain. Examples of anti-epileptic drugs for nerve pain are:

Pregabalin (Lyrica)

Neuromodulation in neuropathic pain

Neuromodulation is an effective proven treatment for chronic pain and neuropathic pain (nerve pain). Neuromodulation affects the nerves in the spinal cord with electrical impulses. In neuromodulation you stimulate the nerves via small electrical currents. These streams modulate the pain signals before they reach the brain. This means you experience less to no pain. Read more about neuromodulation.

Frequently asked questions about burning fat

We recommend not to lose more than half a kilogram per week. This is partly due to the fact that you also lose more muscle mass when you lose more weight. To lose half a kilogram per week you will have to eat about 3500 calories less every week than you need. Keep control of your energy intake by keeping your diet in an app and then create a nutrition plan for yourself that works for you.

How much fat do I burn?

To burn 1 kilogram of fat you have to burn 7000 kilocalories in theory. But if you are losing weight this does not mean that all the calories you burn come from fat mass. If you fall off too quickly, it is possible that your body uses more muscle proteins and glycogen as an energy source. That is why half a kilogram per week weight loss does not have to mean half a kilo of pure fat loss.

You can therefore assume that you need several weeks to lose 1 kilo of fat.

How do I burn my belly fat?

Unfortunately you can not burn fat in one place. So only losing your belly or specifically the fat on your arms is impossible. Why local fat burning does not work, we explain in this article.

How quickly can I burn belly fat?

As you have read before, there is no such thing as burning localized fat. This means that you can not make concrete statements about how quickly you will burn your belly fat. This really differs per person and depends on your starting situation.

Burn visceral fat

The visceral fat is the fat around our organs and is often referred to as the unhealthy fat. Research shows that as subjects move and exercise more they burn more visceral fat than those who dieted alone without exercise [1] . So be sure to move more when you want to lose fat, even if this is mainly for aesthetic reasons! Read more about the relationship between exercise and the burning of visceral fat.

Some Good Sugar Substitutes!

That you better avoid sugar as much as possible, you know that hopefully, and that it is secretly used as an ingredient in an awful lot of products, is also something that is becoming more and more widely known. But even if you’re doing a really good job of avoiding refined sugars , you obviously still feel like something tasty!

Can you use synthetic foods in such a case to flavor your food? Or are there healthier alternatives? We list all the information about refined, synthetic and natural sugars, tell you how you can best deal with this and give you some suggestions for good sugar substitutes .

Refined Sugar

Let’s start with the ‘regular sugar’ that we all know: refined sugars. This is sugar that is stripped of all natural healthy substances. All fibers , vitamins and minerals are removed so that the sugar has a beautiful white color and has a longer shelf life. It is precisely the substances that are removed during the refining process that your body desperately needs to process the sugar properly.

For these refined sugars is that they cause huge peaks in your blood sugar, so that you can store fat faster and thus arrive. Refined sugars causes long-term conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. So let these sugars in the store lie to the left.

Synthetic Sugars

Then there is a group of sweeteners that are put together in an artificial, synthetic way. Examples include aspartame , sucralose and xylitol. The big disadvantage of these substances is that they are foreign – they do not occur in that composition in nature. As a result, they can have many unpleasant side effects or, in some extreme cases, even carcinogenic.

A second problem is that these kind of super sweet substances will only ensure that you get more appetite in the long term , making it more difficult to maintain your healthy diet . Synthetic substances therefore also fall off as sugar substitutes.

Natural sugar substitutes

Fortunately, there are also some natural sweet substances that can be used as sugar substitutes. You can better avoid some of them, such as agave syrup, which is often very processed, and very sweet, which for the most part consists of refined sucrose.

Better alternatives are coconut-flower sugar, which has hardly any effect on blood sugar levels and contains many minerals, and raw honey , which is also rich in all kinds of minerals. Green stevia also works, but watch out for the white version; that too has been considerably modified. Finally, fabrics such as cinnamon and vanilla can also make your food sweeter.

Fruit and dried fruits

Of course you can always eat fruit if you fancy a tasty sweet snack: thanks to the many fibers, it does not have a bad effect on your blood sugar level. But what many people forget is that fruit can also be used to fine tarts, cookies or smoothies .

Bananas and dates are often ideal for this purpose, but dried fruits such as apricots and raisins can also be delicious in some recipes. Look at the dried fruit as well on the list of ingredients: sometimes there is a lot of sugar added, and of course that is not the intention!

Always eat in moderation

Whether you pour refined white sugar or coconut sugar sugar into your cookies, sweet is never really healthy. By using natural sugar substitutes you only ensure that your food is a lot less unhealthy, but that does not mean that you should go to honey and dried apricots all day long.

Pregnant! Can I still exercise?

Women do less during pregnancy. That seems logical because during the pregnancy your body changes and you may be worried that sports and too heavy loads are not good for the fetus. Nothing is less true. In this article I explain why sport and exercise during pregnancy is positive and which sports you can (continue to) practice.

Why is sport and exercise important during pregnancy?

Sports and exercise reduces discomfort during pregnancy. Example of this are:

Why is sport and exercise important during childbirth?

Women who exercise during pregnancy, compared with non-sporting women, have a shorter delivery. A study by Clapp shows that the first half of the delivery was on average 118 minutes shorter than that of non-sporting women. A study by https://curvesnmore.com/ shows that the delivery of sports women (before and during pregnancy) can take as long as 8 hours (!) Less than that of women who are not active before and during pregnancy.

Moreover, the delivery of sports women is less frequented via caesarean section than non-sporting women. In addition, sports women have a bite to death less often. It is also important to note that sports, as far as it appears, does not have a negative effect on the birth weight.

Physical changes during pregnancy

There are many changes in the body during pregnancy. The following describes the changes that are important in the exercise of sport.

Temperature regulation

The standard temperature of the mother during exercise becomes about 0.6 ° C warmer. This is important to know when exercising, because the mother has to make sure that there is no hyperthermia (too hot). If the body gets too hot, the heat is normally transported via a number of channels, while in sports it is sweating. The body sweats because the heart pumps faster to transport the blood and oxygen. The blood vessels expand and therefore the skin becomes redder and perspiration occurs. This reduces the flow of oxygen to the fetus, which can lead to a reduced development of the fetus. Make sure that the body does not get too hot during exercise.

Cardiovascular changes

Cardiovascular changes involve changes related to the heart and blood vessels that surround the child. During pregnancy, more oxygen is needed for you and the fetus, therefore there is an increase in the blood volume (amount of blood) needed in the body. This is increased by 50 percent during pregnancy. The heart pumps the blood around the body, because more blood is needed the heart will have to pump faster. The heart rate is therefore increased by about 10-15 beats per minute. In addition, the left ventricle becomes larger, in order to be able to circulate the blood better. Sports can help strengthen the heart. After all, the heart is also a muscle.

Besides that there is more blood in the body, there are also more red blood cells that transport the oxygen. The blood vessels become wider. This can result in lower blood pressure. Low blood pressure leads to dizziness or a feeling of being sick. Especially in sport it is important to pay attention to this. The good news is that sports can counter low blood pressure.

Change of the stofwisseling

The metabolism becomes faster during pregnancy. In short, the amount of energy that you need at rest becomes higher. It is often said ‘you eat for two’, that does not seem to be true. A pregnant woman has about 300 kcal. a day more needed. If you eat more than the need, this is stored as fat. It is important to (continue to) eat carbohydrates because the fetus has a great need for this. Make sure that you have received enough carbohydrates during exercise.

Other body changes

The straight abdominal muscles become longer and wider, this is necessary to give the fetus room to grow. The tendon bands are separated. It is therefore important not to train straight abdominal muscles, as this will interfere with the growth of the baby and tear the tendon ligaments.

Pelvic instability is common in pregnant women. Here, too, it is important to strengthen the muscles. Pay attention to a good alternation of effort and relaxation and never do anything that does not feel comfortable.