What is the best food for losing weight?

Do you want to lose weight? Then nutrition is the important factor to take into account! All sports and psychological pep talks are fun and nice, but certainly not the main issue. Eventually you will simply have to make sure that you do not eat more than you need.

However, many people find it difficult to determine what they should and should not eat. How do you make it easier for yourself? How do you stay healthy? In short, what is the best food to lose weight? Because we see this question so often, we devote an entire blog today.

No magic products

First of all, let’s take some unrealistic dreams into the ground – then we’ve only had that. We are not going to give you products in this article that you are guaranteed to waste. That is not because we would not want to, but because they simply do not exist. There is no food that automatically burns fat.

There is no food that automatically compensates for a healthy diet . The only thing that causes healthy and sustainable weight loss is a calorie deficit . Every product that promises to ‘automatically’ remove fat is a scam. Do not spend your money on it – because it is guaranteed to have a capital – and instead opt for something that works.

‘Nutrition to lose weight’ does not exist

A calorie deficit, so: eat fewer calories than you consume. So far, it is still clear to most people. But what do you then have to eat to achieve that caloric deficit in a healthy way? And how do you ensure that you still get all the nutrients that your body needs? Online you will find the most comprehensive lists of products that are ‘necessary’ to lose weight. However, that too is often a big nonsense.

It is not about ‘nutrition to lose weight’. What you need are certain nutrients. All products containing these substances are then excellent choices. Instead of diet to lose weight, we give you here nutrients to lose weight!

1. Proteins

The first on the list is immediately one of the most important nutrients to lose weight with. Proteins have several advantages, and they all help with fat loss . This way they activate enzymes that give you the feeling that you are full. That way you eat less quickly and it becomes easier to keep that caloric deficit.

In addition, you burn more calories when digesting proteins than for example when digesting carbohydrates . A final advantage is that proteins help you build muscle tissue. Because muscle tissue burns more calories than fat, it speeds up your metabolism . In other words, you burn more calories throughout the day, even at rest. That is a huge incentive for weight loss!

2. Fibers

In addition to proteins, fibers are of great importance. One of their functions is again to give you a full feeling . In addition, they ensure that you feel more satisfied after a meal. That helps you to reduce the number of calories. In addition, fibers are essential for the health of your intestines and intestinal flora .

When you eat enough fiber, your intestines are well able to absorb all nutrients from your diet. It is recommended to eat about 30-40 grams of fiber per person per day . But few Dutch people are coming, so try to choose more wholegrain products, fruit and vegetables !

3. Water

Water is technically not a food, but it is very important to lose weight. First of all, that is natural because you simply can not stay healthy if you drink too little. Water is essential for properly functioning organs. In addition, a dehydrated body can also make you eat more.

So you are often inclined to misinterpret thirst as pull. And that means that the danger of snacking is greater. In addition, you often feel more tired and moody when you have drunk too little. For people who eat out of emotion , or who start eating at an energy dip, that is obviously disastrous. So stay hydrated!

4. What you like!

This may seem a bit unnatural – eating what you like? Most lists of food to lose weight give products that are largely not so good at all? Indeed – and that’s the problem. If you have to force yourself every day to work that little handful of walnuts in, the chances are small that you will keep up. And that is a shame, because you really do not need those walnuts!

The point is that you get the right nutrients, as mentioned. But where you get it, that does not really matter to your body. So make sure you eat healthy, but only do so with the products you want to eat. That makes diets a lot more fun.

Eat a varied diet

Another danger of lists with food to lose weight is that you eat very unilaterally. And no matter how healthy spinach is: every day is simply too much of a good thing. Every product – including every healthy product – has advantages and disadvantages. The best way to take advantage of all the advantages and avoid all the drawbacks is by varying. Do not eat too much and nothing too little.

Make sure you alternate with vegetables, carbohydrates, proteins and fats . That is not only healthier than finishing a daily list, it is also much more fun! After a while, rice with chicken and broccoli will also be the nose …

What is the best food for losing weight?

What is, in all, the best food to lose weight? The most important thing is that you eat varied, with lots of protein and fiber. Does not attach too much value to strict prescriptions and lists with ‘really essential products’. Use your common sense and see what you feel like.

Do you hate oatmeal ? Then you get those carbohydrates just as well from quinoa or (sweet) potatoes. Do you prefer not to eat meat? Do not go to the chicken ‘because you have to,’ but get the proteins from eggs , dairy and legumes . The best diet to lose weight is food that makes you feel good.

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