Frequently asked questions about burning fat

We recommend not to lose more than half a kilogram per week. This is partly due to the fact that you also lose more muscle mass when you lose more weight. To lose half a kilogram per week you will have to eat about 3500 calories less every week than you need. Keep control of your energy intake by keeping your diet in an app and then create a nutrition plan for yourself that works for you.

How much fat do I burn?

To burn 1 kilogram of fat you have to burn 7000 kilocalories in theory. But if you are losing weight this does not mean that all the calories you burn come from fat mass. If you fall off too quickly, it is possible that your body uses more muscle proteins and glycogen as an energy source. That is why half a kilogram per week weight loss does not have to mean half a kilo of pure fat loss.

You can therefore assume that you need several weeks to lose 1 kilo of fat.

How do I burn my belly fat?

Unfortunately you can not burn fat in one place. So only losing your belly or specifically the fat on your arms is impossible. Why local fat burning does not work, we explain in this article.

How quickly can I burn belly fat?

As you have read before, there is no such thing as burning localized fat. This means that you can not make concrete statements about how quickly you will burn your belly fat. This really differs per person and depends on your starting situation.

Burn visceral fat

The visceral fat is the fat around our organs and is often referred to as the unhealthy fat. Research shows that as subjects move and exercise more they burn more visceral fat than those who dieted alone without exercise [1] . So be sure to move more when you want to lose fat, even if this is mainly for aesthetic reasons! Read more about the relationship between exercise and the burning of visceral fat.

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