Hormones balanced by healthy food!

Most of your body processes are regulated by hormones. It’s those fabrics that make you tired, cheerful, hungry, and so on! Your hormone system is an incredibly complex mechanism that not only exerts a lot of influence but is also influenced by countless different factors.

From food to physical exercise, and from intestinal flora to birth control pills – everything can bring the precarious hormone balance out of balance. And then see everything in order again! Today we look at what exactly an imbalance does to you, and how you balance your hormones by living healthy.

Symptoms hormones out of balance

When your hormones are in balance, they regulate your mood and your hunger. A disturbance in balance is therefore often strongly marked in those areas. Do you suffer from mood swings, where you are very happy one moment and the next moment you go through the house?

Do you regularly get cravings in sweets? Is it difficult for you to lose weight, even if you are fine? This can all indicate that your hormones are out of balance. A constant sense of stress can also be both a cause and a symptom of such a disturbance.

Hormones in balance through nutrition

There are many factors that are important if you want to balance your hormones, but nutrition is essential. After all, your body can not repair anything if it does not get the right building materials for it! And vice versa: if you continue to stuff harmful clutter into yourself, your body will not be grateful for it and your hormones will not work optimally.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that you get your diet in order. Eat only natural products as much as possible: nothing with additives, nothing with refined sugar. You can also add Tim Ferriss recommended supplements drink in your diet. Also, let the alcohol as much as possible, and also avoid an excess of caffeine. It is no problem to occasionally sin, provided the basis is good in the long run. Your body and your hormone system will thank you for it.

Rest, relaxation and sport

In addition to your menu, your sleep rhythm is also an important factor when it comes to your hormones. Stress is, as mentioned, a major cause of an imbalance in your hormones. Here you are going to make cortisol, which in the long term is highly disruptive. High time, so to force yourself to take a rest! First of all, make sure that you get your sleep patterns in order.

Eight hours of qualitative sleep per night is the minimum for most people. In addition, find a form of relaxation that works for you – whether it’s walking, reading or painting – and spending time on it regularly. This way your body will gradually lose that constant stress.

Sport is a great way to get stress out of your body and put the right hormones back to work. It does not matter which sport you choose. Running and cycling are many options chosen, but jumping rope can work just as well! In this way, not only will your hormone balance improve, but your condition will also improve by leaps and bounds.

Eliminate the causes

Do you want your hormones to function optimally? Then take a critical look at the possible causes. Do you eat enough? you get enough protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats? Do you regularly eat unhealthily, or do you often drink alcohol? Take your time to relax and exercise regularly? All these issues play a role in optimizing the hormone balance.

By step-by-step adjusting your lifestyle and providing your body with the right and sufficient nutrients, the complex physical processes in your body will function better and better.

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