Rapid Belly Fat Burning, How Do You Do That?

For many people it is even the reason to lose weight: finally a flat stomach again ! But often after a while the belly appears to be the most difficult part of the body. Even if that fat has disappeared everywhere, a lobe will still appear above your waistline. How do you do that, burn belly fat ?

There are the most insane methods and advice for this. Unfortunately, it is usually more sensible to ignore them. You can not quickly burn belly fat with thousands of sit-ups or with mysterious supplements . Instead, we explain below what you need for it!

Why do not you See a Six-Pack?

Do you fanatize your sit-ups and crunches for ages ? Are you starting to develop big muscles on the rest of your body ? Then it can be frustrating if you still can not see a result on your stomach. The reason here is very simple: the muscles are there, but they are still hidden under a layer of fat. On your stomach that is a problem rather than in the rest of your body.

Your belly fat only disappears when your total fat percentage really starts to get really low. And that means for most people that they have to be well trained to see that the hard work is actually starting to bear fruit!

Burning belly fat is burning fat everywhere

Many people like to burn belly fat quickly. And by that they mean mainly: burning belly fat without having to concern themselves with the rest of their body. Unfortunately, that is simply impossible. Burning fat locally is not possible, as we have explained before on this blog.

In short: the fat system takes place all over the body. With a surplus, the new fat is distributed as balanced as possible. And if you create a caloric deficit, fat is also taken from all over your body to burn it. Do you want to lose that belly?

Burn belly fat with strength training

What is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of fat? Many people think that you always need hours of cardio for that. However, some essential matters are overlooked. One is that muscle mass consumes more calories throughout the day than fat mass. In other words: the more muscular you are, the more energy you need all day.

Even if you are at rest, you will burn fat more and faster! For that reason, it is advisable to do strength training if you want to lose weight. In the long run you achieve better results, while you spend less time on it. And you’re really tight in your skin when you’re on target weight.

Abdominal exercises?

Now many people even automatically take part in abdominal exercises within that strength training . The idea of ​​burning local fat is stubborn! And in theory, of course, those crunches can also make sense, because they also create muscle tissue that uses energy. The problem is that your stomach is not such a big muscle group.

The amount of new muscle tissue that you grow with it is therefore limited. Instead, you can do better for the really large clusters of muscles. Consider, for example, your upper legs, chest, back and shoulders: this means you can see visible results more quickly. That way you can be sure that you do not grow a six pack that stays hidden for all eternity.

Burn belly fat with cardio

Cardio has disadvantages, especially if you do a lot. This way it can also ensure that you start breaking muscle tissue again – and that is of course not the intention. However, shorter cardio training sessions can contribute to your work to burn fat . Please note that you mainly use it as a supplement, and not as the main part of your training.

Keep every cardio workout short enough – up to an hour is an excellent one – and do not do more than two a week. That way you do not have to be afraid that you will destroy your hard work with the weights again! If you really want to get the most out of your cardio work-out, you can also consider HIIT. These are short and intensive cardio sessions. This way you have enough time to train with weights!

Watch your diet

To burn belly fat, you need a calorie deficit. Above we have described ways to consume more calories: strength training and cardio. But no matter how much you exercise, it is very important that you also pay attention to your diet. Because if you end up eating more than you consume, that belly fat will certainly not disappear.

Make sure you make a good estimate of your daily calorie consumption – and eat just a little less than that. Do not make it too crazy with that shortage, because with a crash diet you eventually lose muscle mass. 10 to 20% less than you burn is a suitable rule of thumb. Fill the calories you can eat daily with vegetables , fruits , slim proteins , slow carbohydrates and healthy fats .

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