Shaving For The First Time – Must Read These Tips

There is a first time for everything. In the life of an insecure adolescent boy, shaving is one of those things. There comes a day when you look at yourself in the mirror and think ‘damn, that tuft of fluff on my upper lip really has to be finished’. Recognizable?

The life of a boy is not easy. You have the feeling that all the girls in your class (especially those crushed by you) do nothing the whole day but stare at your dirty, fancy mustache. No worries! You’re not alone. All boys make the same (early or very late).

Below are all tips for the first to run smoothly.

1. Ask that old father for your help.

He has also been a loser with a fiddly mustache one day. If there is someone who knows how you feel then it is your father (figure).

2. Get your own stuff!

Do not go looking for stuff from your father or mother to look for a razor blade or something similar. You never know for what other body hair that knife was used … Just sayin ‘

3. Shave only what is needed.

Do not shave the rest of your face if it does not grow hair. Let mother nature do her work. The hair comes when it comes (wise pronunciation of an old Hawaiian).

4. Do not laugh at each other.

Never laugh at other guys because they already have facial hair or not. A few years later the roles can be reversed.

5. Be careful!

You are working on your own face with a sharp knife (you have to spend a lifetime with it).

6. Follow good example.

Look at me with your father or another advanced fighter to see how it should be done.

7. Keep it groomed.

If you do not want to shave your down, make sure it is clean. Not more dirty than pieces of lasagne and dried milk on your upper lip.

8. Watch out for moles.

Never shave over a birthmark (this can cause cancer!). Ask your doctor for advice on what you can do best. Sometimes it is necessary to have a mole removed because it gets in the way while shaving.

9. Replace your blades in time.

Keep your razor blade clean, replace it on time and do not use it for other hairs. A dirty and worn razor blade can irritate your skin and cause inflammation even on cuts.

10. Let us advise you.

When you are going to buy a razor or shaver, ask someone who understands how to guide you. Not all blades and devices are suitable or good. For the best quality shaving products, you can of course check out our shaving department .

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