You Suppress Your Sense Of Hunger!

Many people are often hungry when they are dieting. That is not only annoying, it also reduces your chances of good results. The more hunger you have, the greater the chance that you will give up that diet fairly quickly.

Suppressing or preventing your sense of hunger is therefore important if you want to lose weight. But which foods are good against the appetite? And what do you do if you still feel a good binge? We give you seven practical tips!

Is hunger necessary for fat loss?

If you want to lose weight, you must eat fewer calories . For many people that is equivalent to starvation. That association is understandable, but not entirely correct! It is perfectly possible to eat less without feeling hungry – if you eat differently.

How well a product saturates is not dependent on the amount of calories it contains. Many more factors play a role! You have undoubtedly experienced this yourself: a hand of sweets hardly fills, while it contains a lot of calories. Conversely, a handful of carrots can saturate well, despite the low calorific value.

Suppress your hunger

But what makes sure that some foods fill much better? And how can you suppress your sense of hunger by smartly planning your food? We give you seven tips!

1. Drink enough water

Your body can not always distinguish between hunger and thirst. That means you sometimes get cravings when you just have not drunk enough. To prevent binge eating , it helps to ensure that you stay well hydrated!

And are you starting to get hungry soon after a meal? First drink a large glass of water and wait a quarter of an hour. Good chance that by that time you are already feeling hungry.

2. A low glycemic Index

The glycemic index indicates how quickly the carbohydrates in your food turn into blood sugar. The higher the GI , the larger the sugar peak in your blood. And the higher the peak, the deeper the valley that follows – so that you quickly need energy again . VoilĂ , the next binge is present.

To avoid this cycle, it is best to choose foods with a low GI. The energy is then gradually absorbed, so that you are saturated for a longer time.

3. Enough fibers

How is it that some foods have a lower GI than others? An important factor is the amount of fiber they contain. Fibers are indigestible carbohydrates that are contained in plant foods, and that provide more ‘filling’ in your stomach.

Most fibers can be found in wholemeal cereals, fruit and vegetables . As far as that fruit is concerned, it’s better to eat it than in a smoothie or juice! In addition, most fibers are pureed out, and that does not benefit the saturation.

4. Enough protein

In addition to fiber, proteins are also suitable to prevent your hunger. Proteins are digested relatively slowly, which makes you feel satiated. You can often suppress a feeling of hunger by eating a protein-rich snack. You will notice that it works longer than, for example, a few cookies or a handful of chips !

5. Healthy Fats

Finally, fats are often good against a hunger. However, it is of course wise not to eat too much. Fats contain relatively many calories, which is not always useful in a diet. You do need a bit to stay healthy!

Of course, opt for healthy fats , such as nuts , avocado or fish . It is better to eat saturated fats only to a limited extent, and you better avoid trans fats .

6. Eat a little

What do you do now if you get a binge? As you have probably already noticed, it often does not help to ignore him. Suppressing your hunger is better if you eat something. However, that does not have to be much. A small snack can be more than enough to provide your body with energy again.

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